Important Trading Notice:

Our store will be closed between the 17th of February and the 6th of March 2020.

  • Orders received before 12pm (midday) on the 17th will be processed, packed and posted as usual.
  • During this period the payment portal will remain open - as we have loyal customers who have requested the ability to purchase required goods for immediate shipping upon our return. This means purchases may be made during our closed period - however they will not be processed and shipped until our return on the 6th of March 2020.
  • If you happen to make a purchase during this period and waiting until the 6th of March 2020 is unsuitable please feel free to cancel the order before the 3rd of March 2020 and we will refund you in full.

An email with this information will also be sent after purchase, please let us know if you wish to reverse the transaction and we will be more than happy to sort it out. A staff member will monitor emails every few business days to ensure refunds are processed ASAP for those who send through requests.

You have our sincerest apologies for any frustration or disappointment this may cause you.

Kindest regards,

The Team@ClickFetch

About Us

AussiePup is an Australian owned and operated business based in Victoria, Australia.

AussiePup was started in 2012, after months of searching for the perfect way to provide our German Shepherd puppy (Rommel) with a consistent supply of clean fresh water. 

Rommel had developed a strong love for water and insisted on playing and drenching himself in it while in the backyard.

Always fearful that in our absense Rommel would dehydrate under our hot Australian sun, we tried multple ceramic bowls that he couldn't chew up or throw around, we drilled steel buckets into the fence, and even tried a wading pool - but all of these options either tipped over, were emptied or become too dirty to drink!

After months of wasting and replacing filthy water - we came across the perfect device - used by farmers to provide water to pigs and chickens! We had it redesigned to fit the thread of an Australian garden tap and it became the AussiePup Dog Fountain! From there we evolved into an online store, focused on providing nifty items that may help you and your fur family get by that little bit easier.